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Alpha Auction Associates is your “A” team of auction professionals for antiques, specialty collections and real estate. See how a group of seasoned, tech savvy, performance driven and award winning auctioneers can work for you. As a team, you can join us as we bring together great buyers and great sellers from across the nation and the world wide market.

We look at the assets we're selling. Next we focus on finding the strongest buyers. So we look for the best geographic market. Then it's assembling the best auction team and we provide them the most targeted marketing program. That delivers results.

If you're a seller, your assets...your collection, can have the dozens of years of successful marketing experience that brings you those strongest buyers. We offer all sellers the opportunity to combine their assets with other related assets. Sellers then benefit from the efficiencies of well tested and effective regional and national marketing programs. Buyers quickly learn when it's an Alpha Auction Associates auction....it's worth attending.

So, if you're a buyer, you should know, we treat you professionally and honestly. We bring you great merchandise and it's sold fast and efficiently. Your time is valuable and we won't waste it.

Come see what we have to offer.

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